Casino Club 1979/81 Vol One

The place was Wigan Casino, the time was the late seventies. Modern soul was being played alongside traditional Northern Soul, things were changing at the Casino.

For some it was the end, for others just the beginning.

This six volume collection brings together the sounds which helped shape the Casino between 1979 and the clubs closure in 1981. Enjoy, and Keep The Faith.

01 Casanova - Coffee 02 Heartaches And Pain - Pages 03 This Will Be A Night To Remember - Eddie Holman 04 Sleepless Nights - Paris 05 The Time Is Right For Love - Bobby Reed 06 Main Squeeze - Crystal Motion 07 Ain't Gonna Run No More - Mighty Lovers 08 Your Love Is Getting Stronger - Four Voices 09 This Man In Love - New Wanderers 10 You Know How To Love Me - Phyllis Hyman 11 You Better Keep Her - Marvin Holmes 12 Everybody Crossfire - Sammy Sevens 13 Tailgate - 21st Creation 14 You Got Me Hung Up - King Tutt 15 Your Love Makes Me Lonely - The Chandlers 16 I'm Coming Over - Johnny Honeycutt 17 Bing Bong - Determinations 18 Look At Me Now - Terry Callier 19 Do It Till You're Satisfied - Oscar Perry 20 I Can't See Him Again - The Twans


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